Assignment date: Immediately
All students are required to register with WebCt and add the appropriate course for which you are currently enrolled. MUM 2700 student should sign up for the correct AM or PM section.
Launch your Internet browser and type webct4a.mdc.edu in the search bar.
If you are already registered, you may log in using your user name and password.
1. Click on "create my WebCT".
2. Fill in the required fields. Note that you must enter a valid e-mail account.
3. Your user name must be your student user ID name. Typically, the student name looks like "Joe.Smith001".
4. You may create a new password or use your regular student password. In any case, please remember what you used.
5. You will prompted to log in. Enter your username and password.
6. Once you are in, choose the "add course" button.
7. Choose the Music Business category from the "View by category" drop down menu. Click on the update button.
8. Choose your appropriate class and register by selecting the pencil tool "self-registration".
9. Click on "Go to course".
10. Navigate the site by clicking the icons.
11. You may take the practice quiz found by clicking on the assessment icon.

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